A calendar of planned service disruptions on MBTA rapid transit.

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To get these events in your own calendar, copy this iCal URL and add it to your calendar app:

The process for doing this varies, but in the end you’re looking for a box you can paste a URL into (not something that asks you to upload a file). Look for words like “feed”, “sync”, or “subscribe”. If stuck, try a web search for your calendar app name plus “ical feed”.

Developer options To easily inspect the raw feed in your browser, replace .ics with .txt in the URL.

⚠ Limitations

💬 Feedback

Issues and feature ideas are tracked on GitHub. Anyone (with a GitHub account) can report bugs or suggest improvements there!

Before reporting an issue, check whether it is also present in the alerts on If so, please report it to the MBTA instead of this project.

💻 About the author

I’m Cora, a software engineer on the MBTA’s Customer Technology team. I created this project using the agency’s public data and APIs, partly as an exercise in learning Crystal, and partly as a tiny public service that fills a niche the MBTA itself does not.

🔎 Privacy

TCal does not track usage or collect any personally identifying information. When you visit this web site or request the iCal feed, data from your HTTP request (including IP address) may be temporarily stored in logs or sent to Sentry to help me fix crashes. This data is automatically deleted after 30 days.